Real Estate / Brokerage

Asset and market analysis, buyer and seller knowledge, franchise and management company relationships, vision of future potential and financial sourcing ability are all combined by SHG, a State Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Business specializing in the hotel sector, to assist both buyer and seller in navigating the process of acquisition or disposition of their unique asset.

Finance / Capital Acquisition

The firm’s ability to contribute a host of possible hospitality lending sources for new construction and renovation sets it apart from its competitors. SHG's focus is to secure the most favorable financing in the market for the project. Sources include domestic, international and off-shore banks, insurance companies, private equity, loan funds, and pension funds. Funding options range from construction mini perm loans, long term fixed rate mortgages, mezzanine, FF&E leasing, and participating debt and equity structures. Sectors include Luxury, Upper Upscale, Upscale, Upper Midscale and Midscale.

Long Established Strategic Relationships with Numerous Hotel Entities.

Equity and Debt.

Institutional and Non Institutional.