Ken Kornheisl – IT, joined Steckroth Hospitality Group, Inc., “SHG”, in 2008. Ken received his degree in Computer Science from University of Scranton. For 25 years, Mr. Kornheisl has performed research analysis, created multiple programs and executed many computer system implementations for several organizations and institutions. These organizations expect a “game-changing” improvement in the delivery of information and services. Ken has worked with inter-disciplinary, cross-functional teams where it is critical to balance the strategic requirements of the organization against the practical constraints of real-world implementation. He writes proposals, prepares plans, manages projects, leads teams, hires subcontractors, prepares financials, develops software, maintains servers, and configures networks.

Working with Mr. Steckroth and a group of software engineers, the SHG team has developed a highly efficient, proprietary, specifying, purchasing, accounting and tracking online system, “SPT”, which has become the cornerstone of SHG’s purchasing projects.

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